I’m here?

Never once did I think about doing this kind of stuff before. But now, I just thought about spilling out all those things that my cup can no longer contain; for this is my kind of euphoria now. I just want to emancipate myself from the physical world and fragment into letters. Well, basically I am what I write, I am what you read. This is me.

It’s unbelievable how things just brought me here. I feel like I was being sucked in a portal of some kind, not seeing what was coming ahead of me and uncertain where I might land. And now, I found myself landing here.  No, I don’t mean just here at Word press, but here in front of my laptop — blogging. Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m blogging.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t just some kind of Disney fairy-tale or something that brought me here. As I grew in maturity, and also after reading a lot of young-adult novels by authors of this generation, I eventually found out that, apart from being in a band (Yes, I play a lot of music), it was really in me to write stuff — about I don’t know, just anything perhaps.

I think I’m definitely going to treat blogging as my daily brain work-out. Uh, maybe not everyday but as often as I possibly can.

I also want to thank Dana, who is my band singer  and dear friend for introducing me to this blog-ful site. 

Happy holidays world!


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