Lily Collins is love

Three words…I’m in love.

Apart from Lily’s beautiful looks, I fell in love with her even more in the movie ‘Stuck in Love’. She takes the role of Samantha Borgens, a young and successful writer completely drowned in her own cynicism of love ’til she meets this guy named Louis (played by this lucky bastard who kissed Lily on the lips — Logan Lerman). I have seen this movie 3 times already, but I still wonder why, despite Lily’s great performance, she seems like an underrated actress. Nevertheless, she’s the love of my life ❤

To tell you honestly, my real motive for this post is to show you the poem which I dedicate to Lily Collins. I was completely inspired to do some art that one morning, and thought about making this poem while on a jeep to school.



Gripping the iron handle
In a slumber on the way
On lazy mornings, heavy traffics

Awakened by a sudden inertia
Passengers wriggling to sit
With hopes from a man’s lie

In my front she makes
Her crowning glory
Long pale-brown curls from the sun’s kiss

Cherub’s beautiful face
And sparkles of innocence
Radiating the world outside

With brows that compliment
Her eyes painted in tan
And sealed from everyone

But with a glare like medussa’s
Fierce as she hands pay
And convictive tone of her words

A woman so unpredictable
I rush to meet her stare
To unlock the seal to her soul

But in a sudden we halt
She descends to the pavement
With no footprints to trace

And once again I blew
A sigh of grief from failure
To a treasure within my grasp

The engine rumbles to a start
And I move on from the heaven
That existed for a moment

Gripping the iron handle
I slumber to drown the thoughts
Until I reach my destination


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