I’m 100% Sure Others Have Bigger Problems Than You Have

It’s February — the ‘Love’ month. But I’m not going to talk about my cheesy unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience.

Instead, I’m making this all about the bunch of teenage girls and boys flooding my Twitter and Facebook news feed with a torrent of bitter hate comments about love, romance, and some related bullshit.

A message for all of you? Please just stop. Seriously.

You are incessantly whining about your previous immature relationship and how it ended so badly because you were not being a good boyfriend/girlfriend or your ex was just a solid dickhead/bitch; being sad about why no one has ever liked you or attempted to court you; preaching to the whole world that no one will ever love you ’cause your ugly or imperfect, or ’cause you’re destined to be forever alone, or whatsoever. You’re still-young brain thinks ‘romantic love’ is the only problem that exists in this screwed up earth.

Let me tell you…

Do you even know that (and yes I’ve googled all of this) one in eight people in the world doesn’t have enough to eat? That 35 million people are suffering from HIV/AIDS? That more than 10,000 people died not so long ago because of the typhoon Haiyan and the relatives of those who died (God bless their souls) are still grieving up until now?

And even if I’m not going to google this, I’m pretty sure hundreds of children currently have ‘imaginary’ parents as a result of loneliness and abandonment.

What I’m just really trying to say is that there are a lot of people going through more than just heartbreaks. These people have suffered more and have gone through a lot more tears, sweat, and even blood than you have ever imagined and experienced.

I, myself, am still a teenager. We shouldn’t be worrying about love just yet. Come to think of it, we actually still have a lot more things to worry about than just that. Think about school. Think about excelling on the things we are good at. Think about how we could help make the world better.

We still have all the time in the world for things like romance and love my friends.

And if up to this point, you’re still worrying about romance and stuff, I assure you, your ‘Prince Charming’ or ‘Cinderella’ will eventually arrive just at the right time.

Take it from the adults and elderly. They know better shit than we do.


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