The breeze is overwhelming.There’s no music more tranquil and beautiful right now than what the waves make as they collide with the sand. 

Cozying myseIf in my hammock, I slowly open my eyes and squinted through the horizon. Clouds, both thick and thin, dance their way in the infinite sky which smears of crimson, orange, and pink. I can see the leaves of the tree above me swaying with the wind, and hear the loud rustles that complement the music of the waves.

But what the eyes can’t fail to ignore is the afternoon sun shining brightly with all its beauty and glory, with its warmth embracing me wholly and lifting me to a higher degree of elation. The silhouette of the birds and lonely sailboat is visible from afar. I extended my arms as far as I can in the direction of the radiant sun, pretending I could reach it and capture its brilliance from the world.

The ambience, the energy, the scenery…Everything is perfect. Until —

The vast sea which lays calmly in front of me gradually loses its crystal sparkle and vibrance. Its fragrance declines. The atmosphere sullen, the natural music bleak. Things are stripped off of their elegance and marvel. The place is consumed piece-by-piece by the darkness creeping in as the sun slowly shies away to the other side after twelve hours of toil.

Still there..still there..Poof! Gone.

Everything is not as perfect and beautiful as before.


I encounter more than a single sunset every day of my life. Why? Because this is how I feel every moment I think of you.

You are and will always be the beautiful sun in my beautiful sunset. You stand out above all that is amazing and marvelous, but at the same time, you color the surroundings with life. You make me appreciate the other things around me. Like a brimming cup of coffee, I am filled with the warmth of your love.

But inevitably, you’ll be gone soon, and I’ll be here all alone. I wish you could stay, but you couldn’t. I wish we could always be together, but we’ll never be. Like nature, life has its own ways.

Every end of a sunset is a hope for a sunrise. I continue to cling on to the hope that someday, our paths may cross again; that life will lead us back together.

And until we meet again, I’ll be here waiting for you through all the days that seem like the cold endless night while you are gone.

I’ll be here waiting for our sunrise to happen.


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