What I Expected To Happen VS What Really Happened

All of us have our own expectation-versus-reality experiences.

Without further ado, here are two of mine that I can and will never forget.

1.) Performing on stage In front of God-knows-who people

One time, I and my band were asked to perform during the Family Day event at one of my friends’ school. Thinking of it as an opportunity, we took it, and planned to play the one song that we have truly mastered — Decode by Paramore.

Paramore’s Decode topped the charts for a while, so many had probably heard the song already. I expected that in the end, the crowd (majority are male high school students) goes wild with their cheers and applause for us doing a great cover of the song.

Reality? The audience only shot us with their look of doom. Not a single soul dared to clap his hand. Did we suck or were we just purely awesome enough to shut them all up?

2.) Intra-department basketball tournament 

As part of the students’ social growth, the Civil Engineering Council of the university hosts annually what is called the ‘CE Games’. I am a huge fan of basketball, and so I signed up for basketball, together with my friends. Since we all had every Thursday afternoon off from classes that semester, the team practiced on those times.

After shooting hoops and playing defense on practice which I took very seriously, I reckoned that I had improved my play, and that the team would probably appreciate me on game-day for my ability to score points.


Life is indeed funnier than a joke.


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