To Summer Class or Not To Summer Class

Finally! I can rest my ass off for a while from all of that integration, and frames, and electrostatics, and vectors, and other school-related nerd stuff.

Boy, engineering is sooo damn hard. But I’m pretty sure I had nailed the examinations the professors gave me. I’ll be in my third year the following academic year. So, yay for me!

Well apparently, the title says it all. I’m having second thoughts about taking up summer classes. I’m still in the process of weighing the pros and cons of taking some of my minor courses this summer.


So If I’m gonna take up summer classes… 

1.) Allowance

Man, I mean, who doesn’t love free money on summer? It’s like getting paid by your parents to study.

STUDY. If the word study were a historical person, it would be Hitler. Freakin’ violent Nazi terrorist.

Okay let me correct that — It’s like getting paid by your parents to go to school. No hardcore studying, but by all means, just passing the subject. I mean, studying on summer is freakin’ insane. If I don’t want to do it, then who does? What creature would ever want to stick their eyeballs at a cluster of complicated, mysterious, alien, Martian equations on summer?

I’m here for the money big boy!

2.) Lesser Courses To Take During The Following Regular Semester

…because by then, I would’ve have gotten rid of some shitty minor courses that I’m required to take up and that probably won’t have any use to me in the future. Luckily, I hadn’t failed any final examination the previous semester, and my midterm grades were higher than expected. So, no retakes for me this summer! Although I’m still not sure what those shitty minor courses I’m going to take up would be — psychology maybe, or philosophy, etc.?

…And I hope (and I really wish), this would lead to…

3.) An Unruffled and More Organized Class Schedule for The Following Sem

For the past years, I had been enrolled in a block section, and the only time I loved being in a block section was in my first year during the first semester. The following years of being under a block section schedule were solid bullshit — going to school as early as 7 in the morning and back home as late as 7 in the evening, and not to mention, how far and how much time I’m going to waste, traveling back and forth from home to school everyday.

Now that I would be taking some minor subjects in advance, I would be disqualified from enrolling in a block section.

Number three is still pretty vague though, because there’s never an assurance of a hassle-free schedule. But at least, on the brighter side, I would be able to select and sort-out my own class-schedule. Hopefully, this would allow me to have more hours of sleep, more time to concentrate on school works, and enough time to relax and unwind.


But If I’m not gonna take up summer classes…

..there’s tons of things that I would love to do to relax myself and unwind. Watch movies. Get more than enough sleep. Get a dip in the waters of some high end resort. Hang out with the boys and with my circle of friends. Stalk my celebrity crush (I consider this relaxing).

Basically, have ‘fun’.

But I would want to focus more on these three things that wouldn’t only suffice the general notion of fun, but at the same time, would also refine my skills and talents.

1.) Music

More time to practice singing. More time to improve my guitar skills. More time for band practice. More chances of having gigs. More chances of making song covers and writing originals. MORE TIME FOR HEALING THE SOUL. Enough said.

2.) Reading Books

If you’re thinking “Books” meant those overflowing with equations and engineering stuff, then you’re a freakin’ nerd.

Of course I am not reading those on a summer vacation!

Divergent Trilogy. The Time Keeper and the rest of Mitch Albom’s. The Mortal Instruments Series. There are just so many awesome books that I have been longing to read. Summer is definitely the best time for me to finally read these books. Aside from getting creative with my imagination as I read through the lines, this is the best time for me to expand my vocabulary, which, as an aspiring writer, would definitely help me in what I do in the near future.

3.) Writing

Like what I’m literally doing now.

There was little to no time at all for me to really write during the regular semester. And if you’ve seen my previous post, it’s dated February 16, 2014, which obviously means I haven’t written for almost two months until now.

Aside from the reason that I can express myself by writing, I also want to apply those new words I’ve learned from doing Number 2.

In all truthfulness, I’m not super mega ultra serious about writing. Just updating my blog is enough for me I guess. And writing lyrics too of course.


Just now, it hit me that the cons of taking summer classes is not being able to do those under the “But If I’m not gonna take up summer classes…” list.

Conversely, the cons of not taking summer classes is not being able to accomplish those listed under “So If I’m gonna take up summer classes…” list.

This sucks.

Why is time so short like Hitler’s temper?

I have approximately two weeks left to decide whether to take summer classes or not.







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