Scarlet Drops

Why do you think he’s the criminal?

Don’t blame him for your brokenness.

Don’t blame him for the scarlet drops

And the scars that never die.

Look so carefully to your right hand

Beyond the glamour that obscures.

You can see your blood trickling down

On that silver blade you grip.

For the nth time you have been stabbing

Your own soul, the life reeking out

Caused by this fictitious version

Of himself that you create.

You see him like a prince in a dream

Who holds your hand so you won’t fall

Who saves you from your misery

And kiss you ’til death do you part

But he’s just a boy with flaws and slips

Not ready to be a man

How can he stand up strong for you

If he can’t stand by himself?

Will you now see with your eyes open

And never again with your heart

And your fickle mind that paints

A dreamlike image of him

This man you love resides in your dreams

Your mind’s very own fabrication.

Sealed within reality’s gates.

Inanimate and breathless.

You were not in love with the real him.

You were in love with the person you expect him to be.


My Message To The Oldies Who Think Their Generation Is Better Than Ours

Sometimes, I get pissed listening to the old dudes and duddetes saying something like “Kids these days…” reproachfully.

Well, it’s not hard for them to find on the internet pictures of barely legal teenagers with their swag caps, stuffing cigarettes in their mouths and smoking weed or marijuana, and putting YOLO somewhere in the picture; girls in short-shorts or microskirts and bikinis, taking a swig from a bottle of vodka.

They could even find videos where hot party-goers, both dudes and chicks, are shown drunk-dancing to the endless repetitious beat of the DJ in nightclubs and EDM concerts, french kissing one another passionately and lustfully with a cup of beer on either hand, ladies flashing their big and small perky tits alike and posing naked in front of the cameras, piercings that come in myriad of designs placed randomly on bodies, and wicked tattoos that cover their skins.

…As if these oldies don’t have the urge to hook up and wank these hot ladies while they are watching it.

Not to mention, these random posts on tumblr, twitter, facebook, and other social networking sites which display teenagers raising middle fingers enthusiastically with profane texts written and designed with emphasis; a teen guy and girl (or sometimes of the same sex) lying in bed touching one another…more like having sex; and ingenious stupidity.



I’m 19 and I think that you, oldies, probably think that we are a generation composed of careless and dumb maniacs having no future at all.

Guess what? You were once like us. Teenagers.

Try putting your nasty wrinkled feet on our boot soles.

Go rewind for a bit and imagine being like us once again: misunderstood and, as all of you say, dumb teenagers.

Imagine all of this media advancements and technological innovations being sucked into a black hole and teleported into your time, and have a taste of all of these for the very first time.

I bet my life all of you oldies would’ve also turned into careless dumb maniacs having no future at all.

If the fast-paced media were invented at an earlier time, such as the internet with its interactive sites like youtube, facebook, etc., I bet you also would’ve had a hard time getting your ass off from the computer. I bet you would have succumbed to all those extreme swag and drugs, showering yourself with alcohol with the excuse to save water, getting STDs from a lot of sex, and screaming “YOLO” and other profanities with your middle finger raised with pride.

What I’m trying to say is that your generation is no better than ours.

There is no difference at all.

And to get things straight, there are some other teens out there, like me, who do not promote those things I’ve just mentioned above. Smoking weed or marijuana, or taking drugs. Although for me, drinking is kind of okay, but drinking excessively is another story… Kissing and sex does feel extremely good, but if done without precaution, might result to transmission of nasty HIV/AIDS.

I’m not even a member of this YOLO fans club either, which has been trending and expanding for quite a while already. And I do agree it’s pretty dumb.

So do not judge the majority from what you have seen from the minority — that’s if you consider the dumb self-abusive YOLOist teens as the minority.

There are a lot of teens of this generation out there trying to study hard, helping the needy, and making a change in this world. There are lots of them who are even better than you.

There are teens who work hard not only for themselves but for others, unlike some of you arrogant and selfish oldies whose only motivation in working hard is money to feed your lazy ass.

Think before you judge, Old Blood.



‘Love’ Is The Title But It Is So Cliche You Probably Don’t Wanna Read It


What’s about this thing

That people so preciously hold

And through it, everything

they find immensely beautiful


Noise! It’s all an infant’s cry

Isn’t it a searing burden?

As to why, I cannot fathom

Husband and wife teary-eyed, but

Happy seeing their newborn


A bruise on her left

Seems the same on the other side

She’s smiling, though I can see

Pain concealed, and as to why she chose

For him to stay, I’m baffled


Ludicrosity! In another I watch

Juvenile romance, my dear friend

He embraces like he owns her, happy

You demoness, you daughter of Lilith!

Because of you, I’ve lost a friend!


He’s a neophyte in this,

Subjugated in this ‘religion’, I suppose

Once upon a time my confidant

Equal with me in stature

Now diminished, a slave


The servant must love his master, vice versa

He did everything in the hopes of

Like a servant wishes, a kind of promotion

She did love her servant, only for a while

But it ceased, poor he remains


Long ago I warned him,

As what a true fellow must do

He lets my words slip out of grasp

Look at him now! Shards of glass

Cutting the skin of my soles, bleeding


In another angle, a mother so ill

Bags in her eyes, cheekbones defined

Tired from toil but cradled

Her children with her skinny limbs

No food, no shelter, nothing


And they tell me that’s love?

Doesn’t make any sense

What is so beautiful about a lady

Begging on the side with her children



They say love makes them happy

But I see them sacrifice, hurt

They say love comes

But I see them crawl for desperation

Where’s the precious element?


I’ve heard them say it is

Perfection, a higher form of edification

But what good can you learn

What good can you harvest

If what is sowed is pain and hurt


In years, I have searched yet

Haven’t found what people told me

That beauty in the core of love.

I’ve had enough, it is useless, a foe

Love is destruction.


That was long time ago.

These are the people from the past

And which I had thoroughly probed

They represent the rest of the world

For it is in them, that I see others


Cry is the only thing, ever since

I have done upon recalling

Long ago, their helpless souls

Fall into an endless hole

Of darkness and sorrow


In all truthfulness, I myself

Have never loved, and until I die

I will have never loved by then

For I fear, I cannot possibly fall

In the bottomless chasm


But now I am startled

By the fact that they stand erect

In front of me, with the similar smiles

they carried despite the hurt

a long time ago


And by the power of God,

I journeyed their hearts, now calloused

but still beating, still beautiful

Still the same hearts which endured

In the same souls who carried it.


Looking at their faces,

Finally, a sudden flush of

Realization overwhelmed my body

I have been blind all along

I was wrong


If love is destruction,

Why do I see them stand

firm, and rigid, unshakable?

Stronger as ever

So whole and absolute


Love is not to destroy

It builds

It forms

it refines

again and again ’til we’re whole.


Love is not a foe.

It is an ally in the war against

Hate, hopelessness, and suffering

Against fear, and self-doubt

It consoles, it heals.


Love can be both sides of a coin.

How shallow of me!

I was consistently dwelling

On that rusty one side

The part of agony and torture


It can be like a greater demon, yes

Forcing you on the charred filthy ground

But the coin’s other side says

Love is an angel, it comes from high ground

Lifts you from misery, and unto the light


Sparkles of clarity in front

I’ve now understood

Love is a magnifying glass, seeks

Beyond impurities and obscurities

Beauty in the shallow waters


This I leave you

You who are superficial like I was

I’m telling you

Now is the moment I commence

My journey with love


And if you were wise

You would come with me, and

Let us witness together

What humans had meant

What they had meant about love.





We’re far from home

Where people shout without control

See city lights burn like coal

Let’s own the night

With this bottle of wine

And the guitar which lays on the side

Let’s both get drunk on the grass

Fall in love like nothing lasts

Sing while I give you piggy-backs

Slow and steady we lie down

Up we see the stars fade out

Smiling from the night that was ours

More of this, we’ll still remain

Just hold my hand, come what may

Be with me on this runaway




The Last Step To Immortality

“An infinite process doesn’t have a last step. So how can something without a last step be completed?”

These were the professor’s words that I found extremely difficult to extricate from my mind once I finished the overwhelming video about Zeno’s Paradox.

These past few days, I’ve been reading a bunch of articles in Listverse.com just to entertain myself and keep my mind sane. One particular article caught my attention: 10 Mind-Melting Paradoxes. I decided to click it. I mean, how ‘mind-melting’ could it be.

The page showed a list of ten paradoxes, arranged haphazardly by the author himself. Upon reaching and reading the attached description of the number 8th list, labeled “Thomson’s Lamp”, I dug in further into the topic by watching a video explaining the paradox, and watching another but closely related video entitled “Zeno’s Paradox”. I immediately remembered a college professor of mine who once told about a certain paradox of Zeno’s.

For the sake of those who don’t know a thing about this, Zeno’s Paradoxes is a set of paradoxes (obviously), some of which implying that ‘motion is nothing but an illusion’.

I recommend watching the video first.

Start from the beginning and end at the 6:20 mark.

If you have seen the video I’m talking about, then you will understand what I’m about to say here.

In the video, even mathematicians found a way to mathematically explain and decipher this paradox.

It seems to me that man always finds a way to solve his problems, no matter how hard or how unfathomable it may appear. Man seems to defy all odds that can stop him from understanding what seems to be incomprehensible, and from defining what seems to be indefinable.

Then, In my own feeble mind, I came up with a strange and stupid, but kind-of-sensible idea of relating this paradox to that of man’s immortality. Since humans are in constant pursuit of a better life, it might come to the point that majority of the human population will demand immortality. And since man will do everything, even to the extent of succumbing his entire life for a discovery so great and huge, it might not impossible to achieve this absurd enigma.

With that being realized, I started to see sparkles of clarity.

Quoting once again the words that the professor in the video told, “An infinite process doesn’t have a last step.”…

Clutching the fact that there isn’t a single document proving a case of immortality, we can say immortality is undeniably fictitious. There might be a way to attain it, but for a very long time already, those who seek it still haven’t gotten or known that miraculous ingredient which would grant men immortality. So to speak, we are still in the process of searching for that ‘last step’ towards being immortal beings.

“So how can something without a last step be completed?”

The word ‘without’ hit me. Without going over the proper definition of ‘without’, it usually means ‘in the absence of’ or it indicates something is not being involved.

Bridging all those realizations together, I have deduced that immortality may be completed with something that is ‘absent’. It may be fulfilled by something that is out of this world, or which cannot be perceived by our mundane senses.

It may be attained by something supernatural…or maybe by someone; by some kind of supreme being having the power over the universe.

It is attained through God.

Some might feel enraged and think I’m foolish for arriving into a conclusion like this; that I yield myself into believing God is the final and ultimate step towards immortality.

There are just things which are better left as unfinished puzzles. And immortality is one of them.

Finally, I say. Immortality is something that we cannot fathom. It is beyond us but only the omnipotent and all-knowing God has the wisdom to fully comprehend it. Immortality lies within His grasp and it is through Him alone that we receive eternal life.

To all those who seek immortality, you are just basically looking for something that cannot be found.

Put Zeno’s ‘Achilles and The Tortoise’ Paradox into context.

Like Achilles, you will never catch up with the tortoise. You will never be able to win the race to immortality.


See the 10 Mind-Melting Paradoxes for yourself here. http://listverse.com/2014/05/01/10-mind-melting-paradoxes/