My Message To The Oldies Who Think Their Generation Is Better Than Ours

Sometimes, I get pissed listening to the old dudes and duddetes saying something like “Kids these days…” reproachfully.

Well, it’s not hard for them to find on the internet pictures of barely legal teenagers with their swag caps, stuffing cigarettes in their mouths and smoking weed or marijuana, and putting YOLO somewhere in the picture; girls in short-shorts or microskirts and bikinis, taking a swig from a bottle of vodka.

They could even find videos where hot party-goers, both dudes and chicks, are shown drunk-dancing to the endless repetitious beat of the DJ in nightclubs and EDM concerts, french kissing one another passionately and lustfully with a cup of beer on either hand, ladies flashing their big and small perky tits alike and posing naked in front of the cameras, piercings that come in myriad of designs placed randomly on bodies, and wicked tattoos that cover their skins.

…As if these oldies don’t have the urge to hook up and wank these hot ladies while they are watching it.

Not to mention, these random posts on tumblr, twitter, facebook, and other social networking sites which display teenagers raising middle fingers enthusiastically with profane texts written and designed with emphasis; a teen guy and girl (or sometimes of the same sex) lying in bed touching one another…more like having sex; and ingenious stupidity.



I’m 19 and I think that you, oldies, probably think that we are a generation composed of careless and dumb maniacs having no future at all.

Guess what? You were once like us. Teenagers.

Try putting your nasty wrinkled feet on our boot soles.

Go rewind for a bit and imagine being like us once again: misunderstood and, as all of you say, dumb teenagers.

Imagine all of this media advancements and technological innovations being sucked into a black hole and teleported into your time, and have a taste of all of these for the very first time.

I bet my life all of you oldies would’ve also turned into careless dumb maniacs having no future at all.

If the fast-paced media were invented at an earlier time, such as the internet with its interactive sites like youtube, facebook, etc., I bet you also would’ve had a hard time getting your ass off from the computer. I bet you would have succumbed to all those extreme swag and drugs, showering yourself with alcohol with the excuse to save water, getting STDs from a lot of sex, and screaming “YOLO” and other profanities with your middle finger raised with pride.

What I’m trying to say is that your generation is no better than ours.

There is no difference at all.

And to get things straight, there are some other teens out there, like me, who do not promote those things I’ve just mentioned above. Smoking weed or marijuana, or taking drugs. Although for me, drinking is kind of okay, but drinking excessively is another story… Kissing and sex does feel extremely good, but if done without precaution, might result to transmission of nasty HIV/AIDS.

I’m not even a member of this YOLO fans club either, which has been trending and expanding for quite a while already. And I do agree it’s pretty dumb.

So do not judge the majority from what you have seen from the minority — that’s if you consider the dumb self-abusive YOLOist teens as the minority.

There are a lot of teens of this generation out there trying to study hard, helping the needy, and making a change in this world. There are lots of them who are even better than you.

There are teens who work hard not only for themselves but for others, unlike some of you arrogant and selfish oldies whose only motivation in working hard is money to feed your lazy ass.

Think before you judge, Old Blood.



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