Scarlet Drops

Why do you think he’s the criminal?

Don’t blame him for your brokenness.

Don’t blame him for the scarlet drops

And the scars that never die.

Look so carefully to your right hand

Beyond the glamour that obscures.

You can see your blood trickling down

On that silver blade you grip.

For the nth time you have been stabbing

Your own soul, the life reeking out

Caused by this fictitious version

Of himself that you create.

You see him like a prince in a dream

Who holds your hand so you won’t fall

Who saves you from your misery

And kiss you ’til death do you part

But he’s just a boy with flaws and slips

Not ready to be a man

How can he stand up strong for you

If he can’t stand by himself?

Will you now see with your eyes open

And never again with your heart

And your fickle mind that paints

A dreamlike image of him

This man you love resides in your dreams

Your mind’s very own fabrication.

Sealed within reality’s gates.

Inanimate and breathless.

You were not in love with the real him.

You were in love with the person you expect him to be.


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