Losing Ourselves In The Moment

It’s always like this every summer vacation — a mini-reunion at a friend’s house.

I mean, what kind of barkada doesn’t have time for each other to talk about crazy-bizarre (and mostly nonsense) stuff right?

I felt very happy seeing once again my circle of friends yesterday, although not all. Sadly, some weren’t able to come over at this mini-gathering. Some are residing in another country; others had matters to attend to.

Despite that, all of us had a very wonderful time. It seemed just like the old days. Exchanging words about what has been happening in each of our own personal lives, reminiscing the days of failure and glory in high school, talking shit about past relationships, eating and laughing off present problems…

Seeing us smile and laugh like this, I can tell the reason why the bond never broke among us; the reason why despite the inevitable thought of parting ways after high school graduation, we remain firm and unbreakable — infinite. We have a bond that even oblivion could not trample…

…it is because whenever we meet up, we never fail to be in the moment.

And that makes us unique. We lose ourselves in each story narrated by each one. It feels like being portalled into another dimension where we relive once again the memories and paint these black-and-white scenes to a vibrant glow.

My friends — the people who, aside from my family, stood by me in the ups and downs of life. These  are the people whom I will forever remember and treasure in my life.

And ’til we meet again, we’ll be living our separate lives, meeting people, and creating experiences  so that when the time comes and we meet again, more stories will be told and cherished.

It’s like reading a novel over and over again — where all of us are both the authors and the main characters. Only that the novel never ends because every once in a while, it has been added with more stories, more characters, and more chapters. And so, it will never be quite finished.


This is us through the years 🙂















A response to The Daily Post 


Snapshot Stories: Open the first photo album you can find — real or virtual, your call — and stop at the first picture of yourself you see there . Tell us the story of that photo.



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