Airport Experience

Terminal Time

You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices is working. How do you pass the time?

The great apocalypse has come! The great exodus of electronic devices has begun!

Or I’d just forgotten to charge my gadgets.

There’s not much to do in an airport, especially when you are flying alone. Even if had my electronic gadgets, surely I’ll get bored over time with those things on my face for six hours straight.

The easiest option for me would be to sleep through those six hours of idleness and boringness. Or maybe read a book until I get sleepy enough. But there’s this part of me that wants to savor every second of an airport experience. Honestly, I’ve gone to the airport no more than the fingers of my hands, and I just want to fully internalize all that’s going on in an airport — the feel of the waiting-chair, the rush of people passing by, the sultry voice of a female flight announcer, airport smell. Yeah, I know it’s weird.

If ever this happens, I wish I would be lucky enough to have brought a pen and a scrap of paper. Then write a poem, or perhaps, a song. And if somehow, after what seems like decades the clock remains dead, then I would do my last resort —

I’m going to find a man sitting on some corner of the airport, strumming his guitar while singing a tune. I’m gonna pay him extra money to sing me more of his songs; and even more money if he lets me borrow his guitar for a while.

Now that would be the most unforgettable and happiest airport experience for me.


A response to The Daily Post


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