art, poetry, prose

We create a world

A spherical series of

Intertwined theories,

Artificial, man-crafted histories,

Numbers and statistics,

those which — as we say quite confidently

Would never lie


…Would never lie. 

…Or would they?


And if they did…

So that everything may be

A subtle conspiracy

To bring henceforth

A plague of doubt

And of schisms


All hail, TRUTH!

I  await your coming

That idealisms

Of shallow perfection,

Lies and confusions of the times

Crumble down

And bow before you!

art, emptiness, heartbreak, love, poem, sadness

Fire And Water

I should’ve known from the start.

You and I…

Fire and water…

That’s what we were.

You blazed with fury. You were an inferno, out of control, swirling and burning everything within your reach.

And behold, the worst decision in my life —

I wanted to be your hero, so I embraced you. I tried to calm you down, to soothe your bright flames.

I tried to save you…

But I turned you into smoke.

I see you carried up, thin white lines fading into nothingness.

Still there, still there…


It took a while before I realized what you wanted —

To leave me in silence.

To drift with the wind. To wherever, but here in my presence.

And what’s left of me is a painful emptiness — the remains of a love turned into ashes

I hope you realize upon your exit, you brought that which had evaporated from me.

That which beats and keeps me alive.

The reason for this hollowness —

A heart which used to be mine

But now lost with you.


I Wonder…

I wonder…

How your words ballet in unison

How they echo in elegance

How they unite in a language

That shatter superficiality

How you speak firm but gracefully


I wonder…

How I can hear rhymes

The moment you sing your heart

How I can hear nothing

Beyond the drums and strings

But the sound of your voice.


I wonder…

How you sway like the breeze

How you move with smoothness

How you create tiny chills

Calm and gentleness

When our skins touch


I wonder…

How you tell stories

To your paint brush

How gorgeous you look

As you transform ‘to your colors

And fill the lifeless canvas


I wonder…

How things fall ‘to place

And everything goes silent

No sound but my own beating

How my soul is lifted

As we’re face to face


I wonder…

How you could possibly exist

A little too amazing lady

With a halo of purity

So genuine, so true

So humble, so beautiful


I wonder…