I Wonder…

I wonder…

How your words ballet in unison

How they echo in elegance

How they unite in a language

That shatter superficiality

How you speak firm but gracefully


I wonder…

How I can hear rhymes

The moment you sing your heart

How I can hear nothing

Beyond the drums and strings

But the sound of your voice.


I wonder…

How you sway like the breeze

How you move with smoothness

How you create tiny chills

Calm and gentleness

When our skins touch


I wonder…

How you tell stories

To your paint brush

How gorgeous you look

As you transform ‘to your colors

And fill the lifeless canvas


I wonder…

How things fall ‘to place

And everything goes silent

No sound but my own beating

How my soul is lifted

As we’re face to face


I wonder…

How you could possibly exist

A little too amazing lady

With a halo of purity

So genuine, so true

So humble, so beautiful


I wonder…


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