‘Round The Beautiful Places

Carriage through the brick streets of Vienna

Where horses dance

And hooves creating undulating echoes

Of fierce clip-clops all the way to Manarola

Bouncing between her vibrant homes


Then the clouds above took me

Across the bridge of London

Night and I’m at the peak of Eiffel

Down are gleaming orbs of beauty

And couples embraced by the colors of Paris

Love under the city’s moonlight


A bike ride on the slopes of San Francisco

To the tip of Lombard Street,

Sky dive from the Alps to Rio

And land on the Lord’s big hand

Hang glide to the Temple of Rome

Over swarming Carnival people,

And back to Venice, rowing gondolas

Over concentric ripples


Roadtrip towards the shore

Boracay breeze against my whole

Like locks of hair between my fingers,

Stroll along the warm sand with whispers

Of the same breeze from Ipanema,

Copacabana and Bora-bora,

Listen to the music

Waves crashing the earth

And the leaves playing

Their complimentary rustles


Sparkling jewels on the water

While the rays kiss the surface,

I follow the path of the journeying sun

Reach my hand as far as I can

Like a thief stealing its radiance

Before its demise.


Sail to the ocean

On a cruise to the sea

Say goodbye to the music

As I fade into sleep.


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