Wisdom over fear!

Civil Engineer & Artist

Yes, it is spelled with an “e” at the end.

And who isn’t an artist anyway? Everyone is.

Sadly, the pictures that show a clear view of my face is very outdated — about three or four years ago. But that’s fine. Don’t you find it weirdly exciting, thinking about leaving some parts of yourself concealed in order to be recreated in someone else’s imagination?  I do!

My forever love is always going to be music. I play the guitar, write songs, and perform at some restaurants/bars in the city. I believe in indie, folk, and soul music, however pop the world has become.

I love poetry and books.

I love basketball! Los Angeles Laker fan for life.

And I certainly do love traveling! At some point, my body’s gonna give up except for my feet who will forever drag me to places beyond these walls.

Apart from the art stuff, I am a civil engineer. But again, Just like what Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty said, “Sometimes, science is more art than science”. So, basically, art is what we are and what we all live for.

This website serves as my outlet of thoughts and distraction from reality. There is no better hiding place than the internet!

Best of luck!