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Eternal Sorrow

As I drew nearer the massive rock formation, I hear something. A strange whisper, none so quite haunting I’ve ever heard before.

I set the wooden oar at the side of the raft. Then I closed my eyes, and in a brief moment deciphered the words.

“My child…”

Although her voice was pure and soft, it resonated sadness within the walls of the temple. And all that was loud – the roars of the rapids and the rustles of the leaves — they faltered.

And I trembled.

“My child…”, she spoke once again, but now in a melancholic motherly tone.

“Why are men slaughtering my children?”

I opened my eyes, and saw dripping water from the cracks down the tips of the stalactites. They fell like tears upon my face.

Then I realized who she was.

Mother Earth.


Suddenly, she let out a strong wind that forced the rafter towards the violent rapids. They caught me before I could escape.

And all I could do was pray I won’t be dead by the end of day.

My lungs burned. I was desperate for air, and the rapids were too strong to overcome

I was about to give up.

With the little life I had left, I slowly opened my eyes, and an image appeared from the blur.

I saw the face of Mother Earth.

She was beautiful, stunning, and smiling. But she was welling up in tears.

“My child, your tears are now mine. Live with sadness no longer. I’ve stripped, from your skin to the bones, everything that hurt – those that make you insecure, unloved. Those which you think make you happy, but in its truest form, are manifestations of evil crafted by men.”

With a moment’s hesitation, I asked. “But aren’t those who kill, the same men for once you’ve called your children?”

She responded with a mournful smile.

In a blink, she disappeared into thin air, and I found myself once again, staring at the stalactites where Her tears dripped.


Now, I understand why they say there’s beauty in sadness. Because whenever I see the sunset, I see our Mother – sorrowful for all eternity.

Sorrowful but always beautiful.

And in Her eyes is where I see the sadness of men reflected.

Oh, how could we betray our Mother who loves us so dearly?

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The Question We All Share

We’ve all heard this question before, and I’ve realized I never really had an answer up until recently.

The question is, “Are you happy?”

Three simple words, and yet, more than enough to send us into a perpetual cycle: walking down memory lane, with a cold bottle in one hand… Afterwards, insomnia, which is why the staring up the ceiling for hours and making friends with shadows on the wall (that’s what Rob Thomas said) happens.

“Am I happy?”

A simple sentence yet, for me, evokes a mix of emotions, just like that of a volcanic eruption.

And the more I think about answering the question only leads to more questions needing to be answered.

“What is happiness anyway? Why am I bothering myself with this question?”

What actually bothers me more, is why, long before, I never really have had any answer, until now.

Is it that I was avoiding such question after all? Or perhaps, is it because I feel a tinge of sadness everytime it hits me every 12 am of any random night?

Then finally I ask myself, is it really necessary to answer this question?

Obviously yes, because unfortunately, I have to answer the question for this post’s sake.

And to answer the question, “Am I happy?”, I have only one word.


Not happy, definitely not not-happy.

Just content.

And so far in life, I can say that for a long time I’ve straddled the fine middle line of contentment.

Maybe not the answer you expected, but I hope someday, on this journey,  I may find the true meaning of genuine happiness.

Because honestly, is it not happiness which we are all looking for after all?


Happy… 1st Birthday(?) To Me

I don’t know why I suddenly want to write in the middle of the night.

Aside from the New Year celebration, I’m also celebrating something else in particular…

I was doing some homework that my undeniably great ‘diabolical’ professors had given me for the holidays. I mean, is there something more evil than giving students crap to do over the holidays? I got tired eventually and checked my social sites.

Facebook…Twitter…Soundcloud…What else? Right…Wordpress. 

I clicked on the notifications icon and saw this…

1 yr

I literally LOL’d because:

1.) I didn’t know WordPress put up stuff like this; and

2.) I don’t remember making my WordPress on the last eve of 2013.

But I did…’cause it says:

You registered on 1 year ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Tears…a lot of tears….not!

Now here comes my sugar-coated cliche statement: I can’t believe how time flies so fast! It seems just like yesterday!

Meh, I am just that forgetful.

I feel good being able to write something silly, instead of my usual dramatic poetry posts. I don’t even remember the last time I wrote something like this.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on making this post a long one. But it seems like it. Haha. Isn’t it? Meh, who cares.

Huge thanks to whoever made WordPress. I mean it. I’m not being sentimental at all, but WordPress is the outlet of my emotions and thoughts. And it’s because I feel free and welcome to pour out everything that needs to be. Not just that, I also get to read and learn a lot from different brilliant people on the Internet.

And I know that it’s not only me who feels the same way. There are lots and lots of aspiring artists who want to share their masterpiece to the world. And even a lot more lonely hearts and broken humans out there whose emotions are so bottled up, on the verge of erupting.

So thank you WordPress for being a friend to all of us. For listening to all our secrets, our experiences of joy and suffering, and for always encouraging us to share our wonderful works of art.

And I’m certainly going to write a lot for the remaining days before classes start again. I never have the time to write and do my hobbies during school days. Consequence of being an engineering student, sadly.

So…Happy First WordPress Birthday to me!.. I guess? Hoping to write more and grow more in this wonderful site!

Goodness, I find this post really random and silly.

Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂