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Eternal Sorrow

As I drew nearer the massive rock formation, I hear something. A strange whisper, none so quite haunting I’ve ever heard before.

I set the wooden oar at the side of the raft. Then I closed my eyes, and in a brief moment deciphered the words.

“My child…”

Although her voice was pure and soft, it resonated sadness within the walls of the temple. And all that was loud – the roars of the rapids and the rustles of the leaves — they faltered.

And I trembled.

“My child…”, she spoke once again, but now in a melancholic motherly tone.

“Why are men slaughtering my children?”

I opened my eyes, and saw dripping water from the cracks down the tips of the stalactites. They fell like tears upon my face.

Then I realized who she was.

Mother Earth.


Suddenly, she let out a strong wind that forced the rafter towards the violent rapids. They caught me before I could escape.

And all I could do was pray I won’t be dead by the end of day.

My lungs burned. I was desperate for air, and the rapids were too strong to overcome

I was about to give up.

With the little life I had left, I slowly opened my eyes, and an image appeared from the blur.

I saw the face of Mother Earth.

She was beautiful, stunning, and smiling. But she was welling up in tears.

“My child, your tears are now mine. Live with sadness no longer. I’ve stripped, from your skin to the bones, everything that hurt – those that make you insecure, unloved. Those which you think make you happy, but in its truest form, are manifestations of evil crafted by men.”

With a moment’s hesitation, I asked. “But aren’t those who kill, the same men for once you’ve called your children?”

She responded with a mournful smile.

In a blink, she disappeared into thin air, and I found myself once again, staring at the stalactites where Her tears dripped.


Now, I understand why they say there’s beauty in sadness. Because whenever I see the sunset, I see our Mother – sorrowful for all eternity.

Sorrowful but always beautiful.

And in Her eyes is where I see the sadness of men reflected.

Oh, how could we betray our Mother who loves us so dearly?

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Human Heart

What heart withdraws from pain and suffering?

What heart tells you to stop striving?

What heart screams “Enough is enough!”

“…It’s time to give up.” ?

“Well then, why should I listen to my heart?”

“Because you will never again be able to keep it quiet. Even if you pretend not to have heard what it tells you, it will always be there inside you, repeating to you what you’re thinking about life and about the world”

A dialogue between Santiago and the Alchemist

(from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho)


Small Things Beget Big Things

Despite this unfortunate week, I have experienced for myself a very mundane, yet — this may sound gay — heart-warming act of kindness.

Our ‘family’ car which I drive to school every morning broke down during the previous weekend due to some kind of faulty wiring. Consequently, the engine fan belt was unable to function and we ought to have the car brought and repaired in the shop.

I have no choice but to welcome once again the oppression every school-day-without-a-car slams on me: the nagging persistence of the fact that I have to ride on a jeepney (because taxis are so damn expensive) every freaking busy morning on my way to school, and every heavy-traffic-stricken afternoon on my way home.

And mind you, it’s not easy. I’m sure every student residing far from the university agrees with me. I mean, frankly, who wants to ride on a jeepney fully packed with people squirming and battling for adequate space to sit, within one to two hours of travel doing absolutely nothing? It’s exhausting and a complete waste of time.

But today was different.

Like every busy morning since Monday, I found myself by the jeepney stop, in the crowd of people waiting and competing for a jeepney to ride on. When I saw a jeepney slowly decelerating to a stop to unload passengers, I bolted my way towards and inside of it, only to realize that 1. there was no space left for me to sit at the backseat; 2. the passenger to descend from the jeepney was in the front seat. With a slight desperation, I rushed out and towards the front seat —

One man had gotten hold of the front door already, on the verge of ascending to the front seat. Much to my chagrin, I decided to just find another jeepney. And in that very moment, the man called me and offered his seat, saying I take the seat because I still have classes to attend to.

And that’s all it took to ignite the bleak morning. Grateful, I took the seat and, with a smile, thanked him twice as the jeepney rumbled to a start.

It overwhelmed me so much, how something so ordinary and small can transform into something extra-ordinarily great. That simple act of kindness was a testament; a concrete proof that the human soul has retained its selfless nature. Perhaps, it was nothing for the man to do such kindness, but for me, it definitely was something big.

Imagine if one offers at least a simple act of kindness to another every single earthly day.