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Eternal Sorrow

As I drew nearer the massive rock formation, I hear something. A strange whisper, none so quite haunting I’ve ever heard before.

I set the wooden oar at the side of the raft. Then I closed my eyes, and in a brief moment deciphered the words.

“My child…”

Although her voice was pure and soft, it resonated sadness within the walls of the temple. And all that was loud – the roars of the rapids and the rustles of the leaves — they faltered.

And I trembled.

“My child…”, she spoke once again, but now in a melancholic motherly tone.

“Why are men slaughtering my children?”

I opened my eyes, and saw dripping water from the cracks down the tips of the stalactites. They fell like tears upon my face.

Then I realized who she was.

Mother Earth.


Suddenly, she let out a strong wind that forced the rafter towards the violent rapids. They caught me before I could escape.

And all I could do was pray I won’t be dead by the end of day.

My lungs burned. I was desperate for air, and the rapids were too strong to overcome

I was about to give up.

With the little life I had left, I slowly opened my eyes, and an image appeared from the blur.

I saw the face of Mother Earth.

She was beautiful, stunning, and smiling. But she was welling up in tears.

“My child, your tears are now mine. Live with sadness no longer. I’ve stripped, from your skin to the bones, everything that hurt – those that make you insecure, unloved. Those which you think make you happy, but in its truest form, are manifestations of evil crafted by men.”

With a moment’s hesitation, I asked. “But aren’t those who kill, the same men for once you’ve called your children?”

She responded with a mournful smile.

In a blink, she disappeared into thin air, and I found myself once again, staring at the stalactites where Her tears dripped.


Now, I understand why they say there’s beauty in sadness. Because whenever I see the sunset, I see our Mother – sorrowful for all eternity.

Sorrowful but always beautiful.

And in Her eyes is where I see the sadness of men reflected.

Oh, how could we betray our Mother who loves us so dearly?

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Ah! The Wind.

I have always envied the Wind.

He has the power to make the trees sway, and lead the entire forest into an opera.

He empowers the seas to give birth to the strongest waves.

He is bathed with the scent of success and victory of all men.

But most of all,

He sneaks in with his gentle surprises through her window.

He can stroke her hair while she lays on her hammock.

He can fill her with kisses from her head down to her heels.

And that always makes her feel happier, freer, even more alive than ever…

The way I know I never can.

— Inspired by Paulo Coelho’s Master Work, “The Alchemist” —



The Daily Post : Longing for Gravity — You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?

This might sound cliche but it’s true — You’ll never fully realize and appreciate the beauty of the things you have until, POOF! They’re all gone and taken away from you.

Playing the guitar and singing songs. Being in front of the laptop and write stuff. My family and friends. The evergreen fields in the country. The city lights that burn at night. The sun, moon, and stars. The people. Pizza (who the hell would not miss this heavenly manna).

I would even miss shit I encounter everyday — Heavy Traffic. Pollution. Random bastards on the street. Failing an examination. Annoying people. Bad news on the television…

Everything — period.

There’s just no other place like Earth — no other place like home.

Sometimes, I bad mouth this world for all the evil and selfishness. But I thought, if this were a completely perfect world, then it would be a big, round, boring world.

If I had a choice and a single wish, I would want to turn back time and then reject this mission. I’d rather live and deal with the world’s imperfections than get lost in strange unfamiliar Mars.