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Arms Raised In Supplication

Dear Father,


In front lays a pen

And underneath, a sheet

Empty yesterday

Emptier today


And so shall it be thru eternity

For the pen, though firm and able,

Remains lame without the bearer


Therefore, my Master

I ask thee for divine aid

Grant me the ways to create

Let my words be Your words

And Your words be mine

That I may exclaim to it,


And its purpose be realized


Lest in time, the ink dries

And my spirits falter

And my right hand

Could not any longer


Henceforth, I fully resign

I am myself no longer

And You shall be my Bearer

Him by which all things

Be redeemed


“…in order that henceforth at every moment of my life, and in each of my action, thou mayest deign to be my director, my guide, my strength, and all the love of my heart…”


So shall it be done.






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“What’s In It For Me?”


Photo by Princess Pepito


I could already hear explosions everywhere, and it was just an hour before 2016. The scent of excitement and anticipation was beginning to fill the evening air, and I marveled at how it got heavier with every tick of the clock.

Facing nothing but the dull outburst of the firework, I decided to put myself in a reflective state with these words as an appetizer:

“What’s in it for me this year?”

Immediately, my thoughts went on like a roller coaster ride, like books rammed haphazardly into the bookshelves. But a sudden realization hit me.

‘What’s in it for me this year?’… that’s the same question I’ve been asking myself New Year after New Year.

And now, I have come to an understanding of this phenomenon, and it is that it stems from my tendency of being too patient for things to happen.

…Which apparently, in simpler terms translates to:

Waiting for nothing. 

I admit that I am certainly good at being patient, may it be for something or to someone (I prefer to call it having a high-tolerance to someone). Perhaps, because I believe that, ‘good things come to those who wait’.

But a lot of things remain unchecked in my bucket list. My goals from last year and some from the past years stay as goals. It’s like what I wanted to happen remains as is.

And I am stuck.

Hence, waiting for nothing.

Or was it that I made the waiting an alibi to stop myself from taking risks? Or that I allowed my fears to consume and paralyze my spirit to avoid ‘defeat’?

There are always two sides of the same coin, and I’m a bit thankful that the other side has come to manifest itself.

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions. Why wait for the new year, when anytime is always an opportunity for change?

But I guess I shall have one to start off. Just one.

And hopefully I wouldn’t be asking the same question next time.

Get up and start moving!


(I choose to format it that way for more emphasis.)

And by that, I mean to make my way out of turtle express and take the first few tiny baby steps of making things — my dreams, goals whether short-term or long-term — happen.

And as to how to do that?

Wish me luck.


Happy… 1st Birthday(?) To Me

I don’t know why I suddenly want to write in the middle of the night.

Aside from the New Year celebration, I’m also celebrating something else in particular…

I was doing some homework that my undeniably great ‘diabolical’ professors had given me for the holidays. I mean, is there something more evil than giving students crap to do over the holidays? I got tired eventually and checked my social sites.

Facebook…Twitter…Soundcloud…What else? Right…Wordpress. 

I clicked on the notifications icon and saw this…

1 yr

I literally LOL’d because:

1.) I didn’t know WordPress put up stuff like this; and

2.) I don’t remember making my WordPress on the last eve of 2013.

But I did…’cause it says:

You registered on 1 year ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Tears…a lot of tears….not!

Now here comes my sugar-coated cliche statement: I can’t believe how time flies so fast! It seems just like yesterday!

Meh, I am just that forgetful.

I feel good being able to write something silly, instead of my usual dramatic poetry posts. I don’t even remember the last time I wrote something like this.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on making this post a long one. But it seems like it. Haha. Isn’t it? Meh, who cares.

Huge thanks to whoever made WordPress. I mean it. I’m not being sentimental at all, but WordPress is the outlet of my emotions and thoughts. And it’s because I feel free and welcome to pour out everything that needs to be. Not just that, I also get to read and learn a lot from different brilliant people on the Internet.

And I know that it’s not only me who feels the same way. There are lots and lots of aspiring artists who want to share their masterpiece to the world. And even a lot more lonely hearts and broken humans out there whose emotions are so bottled up, on the verge of erupting.

So thank you WordPress for being a friend to all of us. For listening to all our secrets, our experiences of joy and suffering, and for always encouraging us to share our wonderful works of art.

And I’m certainly going to write a lot for the remaining days before classes start again. I never have the time to write and do my hobbies during school days. Consequence of being an engineering student, sadly.

So…Happy First WordPress Birthday to me!.. I guess? Hoping to write more and grow more in this wonderful site!

Goodness, I find this post really random and silly.

Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂