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Little Encounter

City Lights Part II

Photo by Nico Angelo Daroy

A continuation of my previous post,  City Lights


My legs sway from the warm wind, gently pushing the clouds upon which I was seated.

I am looking below at the stars once again, at the same spot where I witnessed their revolution against the Moon the other night.

I look up to examine the view. Just a huge space of nothingness, and still, the solitary Moon.

Nope. The war is not over.

“What is so fascinating about the lights below that makes you want to come here in the wee hours?” A voice emanated from behind.

A stranger approached and had come to sit beside me.  He looks — well –strange. Cape on the shoulders, golden crown, brown leather boots. He’s little, but old and wrinkled. I thought that the question was completely ridiculous, but I can see through his eyes that he was curious and sincere.

“Well, what makes them fascinating? They’re fascinating because they are the stars! Stars that had fallen to the Earth for a punishment they did not deserve!

“And they’re dressed in different colors! A lot of orange there, which seem to form the letter S. There’s crimson, and gold. Silver lining up along the boundaries of the Earth.”

I can feel the flush of red slowly rising to cover my entire face. Luckily, the dark was a friend enough to conceal such scandal.

“Can you not see the different shades of blue over there which seem to communicate in the way they glitter? And do you not know that all of them are in a battle against the Moon?”

He laughed.

“Those are not what you seem they are, child. Those are not stars, but masks that give the illusion of a star! Made by pretentious beasts of the Earth. Have you not realized you have been deceived?”

In an instant, he was gone.

And so was I, plunging down below towards the unknown.



I drove once again along this tear-spilled street, where a wise tree who knows my story stands.

I swerved hastily at the curbside, got off, and told the wise tree.

“Sir, I am a coward.”

But he said, “No one is ever a coward, unless one allows himself to be.”

At that, I poured the gas, lit my match, and let the fire devour him.


Feathers From The Sky

I was walking down the road when feathers rained — swaying back and forth, slowly encircling me — to the ground.

I looked up to the blue sky and beyond the blinding sun was something I’d never imagined.

They soared with angel wings, piercing through dark and thick clouds. I watched them while they caressed the heavens like locks of hair.

And I smiled the moment I realized…

They were my dreams after all.