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Eternal Sorrow

As I drew nearer the massive rock formation, I hear something. A strange whisper, none so quite haunting I’ve ever heard before.

I set the wooden oar at the side of the raft. Then I closed my eyes, and in a brief moment deciphered the words.

“My child…”

Although her voice was pure and soft, it resonated sadness within the walls of the temple. And all that was loud – the roars of the rapids and the rustles of the leaves — they faltered.

And I trembled.

“My child…”, she spoke once again, but now in a melancholic motherly tone.

“Why are men slaughtering my children?”

I opened my eyes, and saw dripping water from the cracks down the tips of the stalactites. They fell like tears upon my face.

Then I realized who she was.

Mother Earth.


Suddenly, she let out a strong wind that forced the rafter towards the violent rapids. They caught me before I could escape.

And all I could do was pray I won’t be dead by the end of day.

My lungs burned. I was desperate for air, and the rapids were too strong to overcome

I was about to give up.

With the little life I had left, I slowly opened my eyes, and an image appeared from the blur.

I saw the face of Mother Earth.

She was beautiful, stunning, and smiling. But she was welling up in tears.

“My child, your tears are now mine. Live with sadness no longer. I’ve stripped, from your skin to the bones, everything that hurt – those that make you insecure, unloved. Those which you think make you happy, but in its truest form, are manifestations of evil crafted by men.”

With a moment’s hesitation, I asked. “But aren’t those who kill, the same men for once you’ve called your children?”

She responded with a mournful smile.

In a blink, she disappeared into thin air, and I found myself once again, staring at the stalactites where Her tears dripped.


Now, I understand why they say there’s beauty in sadness. Because whenever I see the sunset, I see our Mother – sorrowful for all eternity.

Sorrowful but always beautiful.

And in Her eyes is where I see the sadness of men reflected.

Oh, how could we betray our Mother who loves us so dearly?


Our National Hero — Jose Rizal

Have you ever read or watched Suzanne Collins’ famous The Hunger Games

If no, then that’s just unfortunate — you’re missing out on life. Just kidding. Seriously though, YOU REALLY HAVE TO SEE THE MOVIE OR READ THE TRILOGY…

Okay, for those of you who have watched the movie or read the book, then I can tell you, there’s nothing really different between Katniss Everdeen and one of the most badass (but kind-hearted) man in history — Jose Rizal.

They’re both the voices of the ‘weak’ ones and the redeemers of the oppressed. Both of them opened the eyes of the people who were blinded with ignorance, and sparked a revolution against the oppressors.

The only difference is that Katniss used her marksmanship in her bow and arrow to kill her enemies, while Jose Rizal used his pen and paper: he made two controversial novels that really, really pissed off the villains (the Spanish friars during the Spanish Colonization in the Philippines).

Now, the things I want to learn from him…

With those being said, he must have been a pretty good writer. Not being sentimental and hyperbolical, but he wrote really wonderful poems, and had said a lot of inspiring words through his letters and books. Read his striking quotes here. Pretty good, ey? 

Since I am an aspiring writer and very fond of novels and poetry, I would want to learn the writing technique of Doctor Jose Rizal.

Yeap, you read that right. Doctor. He was a physician.

Also, being a Civil Engineering student, one thing I would like to learn from him is his civil engineering skills…

“Wait, what? A writer, then a doctor, and  now, AN ENGINEER?” Yes, aside from being a doctor and a writer, Jose Rizal was a very brilliant civil engineer, He greatly helped the people in his hometown by improving the irrigation systems, with the help of his students.

Lastly, I would want to learn from him how to dig chicks — yes, seriously, he had a lot of girlfriends. 

And yes, a nerd with a lot of chicks existed. Get over it. This is hope for the nerds of this generation!

A doctor, writer, engineer, womanizer…just the tip of the iceberg. Wait ’til you see his other occupations. You’ll be surprised.


A response to The Daily Post

Dream Teacher: You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want. Who’s your teacher, and what do they teach you?